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Cosy Apartments in central area of Island Vir, Croatia

Apartments Anna is situated on the beautiful Island Vir, near Zadar, Croatia. Our aproach was to make something not complicated, intuitive, for all future guests.

Main Tasks

We wanted to create a website thats not only practical and responsive but which also follows the trends of modern design and programming. The challenge in terms of design was to maintain the vital element of tradition with a clear emphasis on modernity which will enable the client to step out on the foreign market.

Visit us and make great memories

Client benefits
  • Simple user interface (quick add, modify and remove content, filtering and searching options, intuitive navigation)
  • Compartmentalized content, divided into sectors and mini sites
  • Taxonomy efficiency, optimized user experience
  • Full content control and workflow from copy editing, approval to publishing
  • Significant speed improvements
  • Maintenance benefits
User benefits
  • Meaningful content mapping allowing easy and fast information access.
  • Optimized navigation and overall user experience.
  • Efficient registration forms.
  • Outstanding responsive design (99% Google score).
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